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Lirik Lagu TVXQ Heaven's Day

Posted by | 04.00
Eoduun nae banganen dojeohi gamchul su eomneun du tteollineun sumsorideulppun Gamchul su eomne...
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Lirik Lagu Boys Republic Video Game

Posted by | 02.00
English Translation: Damn, I was careless, I thought I had you But you say I’m too early, I ...

Lirik Lagu T-Ara First Love

Posted by | 23.30
English Translation: My love who I can’t forget even though I hate you You are my eternal fi...
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Lirik Lagu Afterschool Week

Posted by | 22.00
English Translation: 3rd project After School And Brave Sound It’s been a long time we back ...

Lirik Lagu T-Ara Do You Know Me?

Posted by | 20.00
English Translation: What do I do? I don’t remember right now I don’t remember anything What...
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Lirik Lagu 2AM Regret

Posted by | 18.00
English Translation: It was a sunny day when our love started We were so happy, I loved you ...
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Lirik Lagu 2AM Only You

Posted by | 16.00
English Translation: Baby I only have you, even when I’m old I hope you will hear this song ...
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Lirik Lagu 2AM To An Angel

Posted by | 14.00
English Translation: Each of her actions changes my heart Each of her words changes my heart...
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Lirik Lagu 2AM You're Prettier The More I See

Posted by | 12.00
English Translation: If I think about it, you were always by my side Maybe my senses were la...
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Lirik Lagu 2AM Just Stay

Posted by | 10.00
English Translation: From what I can see, that person who is next to you Has someone else th...
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